Due Time

by bookworm.

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Dedicated to Dave, my late grandmother, and the other BW


released August 4, 2014

bookworm. (J. Dobski)
Mixed and Edited by Jeremy Dobski
Mastered by Adam Milasincic
Executive Producer: Jeremy Dobski
Artwork by Rawssi (G. Rossi)

Features: Mogli Da Foulchild (A. Nezami), Enemy (B. Trager), Jay DaVille (J. Johnson), Dirtnap (S. Monroe), BK (K. Brooks), Alien Ultra (A. Hecht), Mille Rosado (E. Collins), Poetic Justiz (C. Robinson, P. Thompson), DJ Slam (J. Dewar),

Scrathces and Cuts on "No Winning" by bookworm. (J. Dobski)

All Samples added by bookworm. (J. Dobski)

Cuts on Beep Sleaze by DJ Slam (J. Dewar)

Unless specified all tracks produced by bookworm. (J. Dobski)

"Everybody (Everybody)" "Kick Rocks : A Sonata)" and "Sensory Overload (Common Cold)" Produced by D-Inventa (A. Nezami)

"Au Leve Du Ciel" Produced by Fredy Ink (F. Habre)

"Beep Sleaze" "No C.O.D." "Crickets" and "Therapy" Produced by Mr. Debauch (A. Milasincic)

"Virus" and "Maybe..." Produced by Enemy (B. Trager)

Back up vocals on "North Side" and "Everybody (Everybody)" provided by Rotty Squad (N. Sfetsios, G. Rossi, J. Vieira)

Thank you to everyone who's been a part of my process over the last 10 years. Positive, negative, neutral, you've all been an inspiration. Peace and love!



all rights reserved


bookworm. Toronto, Ontario

A member of the Defective Collective Crew, bookworm.'s music ranges from dark to humorous, to hardcore to simply absurd. This lyrical demon delivers nothing more than words upon words with the grittiest and most surreal delivery. You may love him, you may not, but you know he's got that gift. ... more

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Track Name: Blooper (Intro)
Welcome to Due Time BW's mad panicked
But before I do rhyme, a shout out to Laugmatic
Mogli Da Foulchild and Dan Stout while I'm at it
Eh yo, I spit like a bad habit
Breathe like I'm asthmatic
Cuz I'm a hash addict
Who hears a beat like "Lemme have at it"
Then wipe my face with a fuckin' bandana
So take your picture with ya damn camera
Before this all goes and vanishes like a phantasm
Got more time than a man can handle
So mosey up in sand and saddle
If you're feeling sad or down here's a shit's creek paddle.
By now you can guess that I'm probably just fuckin around
I welcome you to my brain so I can start shutting it down
Track Name: North Side
Where its cold outside and ya horse just died,
So ya climb inside like a tauntaun
I bong some bomb chron
Then I’m long gone
I fucked way to many chicks with no condom on my johnson
But wait! That’s some ignorant shit
Like where the babysitter went?
Oh you replaced that chick with a television set?
I ain’t sellin’ vision yet, cuz you ain't buying it
I know you want it though cuz I see you eyeing it
And lying is what we need less of
Like we need more weed so we can burn the stress off
I'm a scientist at work while ya jerkin off in some hedonistic pursuits Sure I do this for me too, but I got a better understanding of why Because I don’t take what I read literally, but I look into everything a literate eye!

You're only Mr. Big cuz ya got ya dick stuck in that American Pie

American Pie


Get it? Jason Biggs? That shit's fuckin' funny!

American Pie (x13 or ad nauseum)

Where its cold outside and we ride in minus 25
And try to stay alive like Johnny 5
I’ll high five Luke Sky in his robotic hand
And tell him Darth Vader is father again
Then i’ll cut off his other hand and ship it to Alderaan
What’s the point of all that?

I don’t know I just like rapping about Star Wars.

So shut the fuck up and listen
Cuz I ain't tryin' to diss no positions
Like a mission full of Christians
Wishing for abortion abolition
It's not my position to diss em or squish em
Even if they playing opposition
Position sitting duck or paper tiger
The cat's in the bag and the bag's on fire!
Track Name: No Winning (ft. Mogli Da Foulchild)
So I'm grinnin' cuz I know there's no winnin'
Not with rappin', not with money, not with women
I can't get a job it's a damn shame
They hatin' the player and they hatin' the game
I wanna get a fuckin' bite to eat
But they closed all the shops down my goddamn street
So I go to the store for food to score
Got some bread, cheese, chips, and a chocolate bar
I get to the cash, hunger in my eyes
Wouldn't you know it, my card's declined
Ain't shit workin' out I'm losin' my mind
I head home at least I got some weed to grind
When I open my door, what do I find now?
My homie let himself in he's chillin' on the couch
Wouldn't you know it, that's my spliff in his mouth
And that's all the herb that I had in my house
I'm like dude! Just get the fuck out!

(Hook - bookworm.)
There's no winning where there's no love and more sinning
No Winning
There's no winning when there's less food and more killing
No Winning
There's no winning when you're circle in the square and you don't fit in
No Winning
There's no winning when you wanna make a joke but there's no kidding
No Winning

[Mogli Da Foulchild
Well I don't understand what the issue is
Your weed's disgusting like tissue jizz
Did you forget that I'm broker than you?
Holes in the soles of my shoes, we in the same damn crew
Pinchin' my pennies like you know who
The grinch. Plastic or print? I got no money pockets full of lint
My cell phone bill acts more like a pimp
Eyes too tired to open more than a squint
Still can't help but to feel chagrined
I work too hard to have no money to spend
What friends? Man these friends are pretend
It's your demise they intend, they don't mean to offend
"Go fuck yourself" is what I recommend
They dream and dream and dream and dream
No self esteem so they try to demean
I am who I am and they ain't part of the team

(Hook - bookworm. )
There's no winning when you wanna be the breadwinner but you end up gettin' fillings
No Winning
There's no winning when these actors treat artists like we're still children
No Winning
There's no winning when the only way to relax is to pop a pill in
No Winning
There's no winning when the women that you will aren't willing
No Winning

If my weed's so gross then why the fuck you smoking it?
How'd you get in here man? Look the door's broken! Shit!
I'm gonna have to pay for that!
Did you make that track? Or did you do that thing where you stay laid back
And tell me I'm acting like a damn maniac.
Look I'm no braniac, I'm not claiming that
But you gotta respect the fact that I'm having a bad day
And all the dope I had to smoke is an ember in the ash tray!
I got no food, no loot, and I feel unstable
Could you at least take your foot off the coffee table?
I'm like Rodney Danger, no I get no respect
And when I ask for some fools get upset
You're my homie and you always will be Mogli, you know me
When I stay to stay out my way for the day it ain't baloney
Yeah I get it, now you're pissed off, gonna run your lips off
I guess it's all par for the course cuz I'm never winning
I'm always falling off that horse
Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta do something with this door

[Mogli Da Foulchild]
Wah! Wah! Wah! That's all I hear!
Fuck your door, I also drank your beer!
You know I got even less than you
The DC Crew broke and need some glue
We never make money at our shows
No groupies or hoes
Sat in the bus in the bathroom row
To do a show and then go back home
My work ethic's top of the line
This slander is crime
Want a sip of this Corona and lime?
Well, too bad, it's mine!
I'm pissed off and anger is blind!
Sometimes I really think this cat's out of his mind!
We both grinding tryin to refine
Yeah we're friends but fuck damn it's about due time
To drop an album, a couple of dimes
What's the deal? I thought what's your's is mine
I'm sure your door is fine, what about what you did to mine?
This double standard, now that's a crime!

There's no winning when your art turns into a way to just make millions (Ain't gonna happen)
There's no winning when you're making music for the minions (It's boring man!)
There's no winning

We winning (Defective Collective)
Track Name: Everybody (Everybody)
I got them backflippin' on track type tactics
Like, "Did you see how he landed that shit?"
Where my fans be at kid?
Higher than an air transat
Sitting on transit
In the bus, in the back
Writing so many rhymes that my pen just cracked
And your neck just snapped
And your friends just clapped
As a matter of fact
It's all mind over matter when you're a mastermind
And you climb inside and find that it's just a matter of the mind
Don't mind the matter though
I'm kinda flattered that you find my assignments fatter
And you like my patterns yo
Oh, oh, I try to be taciturn
But there bastards burn
Cuz they'll never learn
What the worm has earned
With much more worth than anything you can procure from this earth
Dirty since birth
Learning since I heard my first curse word
Insert curse word here

Everybody, everybody say
Everybody, everybody say
Everybody say BOOKWORM
Is a...godamned sonofabitchsonofabitchsonofabitch

This is for my people who live to try fear
Smokers in the back like let's die here
Fly gear? Not I dear
Not training to be a pilot
If I was, I'd probably take the plane and aim it for your eyelids
A nihilist, the man island hybrid
They file in in silence
And stand like that with they're arms crossed
We the livin land of the lost
We takin em dino steps and breaths til our final rests
Then we become petroleum
Burning a hole in 'em
Like the Ozone Layer
This is to remain dormant for you to sleep on later
Young urban players?
Nah, we sippin on bourbon acting like we dragon slayers
Hardly LARPing you come in cardboard cartons
We come wrapped in parchment paper
Raw, bloody and ready to get baked and break faces like "Hi haters!"
Be careful of smiling gators
...this world's creators...

Everybody say...

[insert disgusting noises here]

Track Name: Au Leve Du Ciel
I’ll slit my wrist
Stick my fist in a chick
Take a shit put it on the internet a million hits it’ll get
Cuz most people are useless and dumb
And nowadays even cupid uses a gun
Music is my weapon of choice
This is a lesson in poise
Got sick of fuckin’ with fakes i ain’t messin with toys
DJ is checkin the noise
And don’t worry i’m not rappin i’m just testing my voice.
Shit, Oedipus’s etiquette
Subjects, predominantly predatory predictable predicaments
I’m heated, expletive deleted
I’ll take your face and eat it
Excrement preceded
We’ve got more greed than what’s needed
I guess we’re greedy about greed then
So you can thank our leaders: elitists
The problem seems its
You eat every last piece of shit that you fuckin’ feeded

This is what you'll hear me shoutin'
While the sky's rising over the mountain
This what you'll hear me shoutin'
When the sky starts rising over the mountain
Over the mountain
OVer the mountain

I'll roll a spliff
Put the spliff to my lips
And start to spit some shit with malicious intent
Cuz most people are stupid and numb
And nowadays even you kids can purchase a gun!
News is my enemy’s voice
This is a lesson in choice
I got sick of fucking a chick who who didn’t use her voice
So I piss, puff piff and pursue through noise
Don’t worry this isn’t happening let me just poke out your eyes!
Shit...etymological photographs
Mr. I’m So Logical on Phonographs,
Yeah, exodus from exististence
And this someone preaching about premonitory preservation
Population of people proud to be idiots
I'm leaving this fuckin planet breathin
Ya'll can't come with cuz ya'll a bunch of heathens
I guess this means that the dogs will be eaten
And someone once said it's better to be loved than beaten
Better to be loved than beaten


(Shit talking. Listen if you wanna know what I'm saying because I'm not fucking writing it out)
Track Name: Rat Race (ft. Mogli Da Foulchild & DJ Slam)
These wack fakes can get gas face
Like a bad case of ass taste
Welcome to the damn rat race
Where everyone's in last place
But that's the way of this planet ain't it?
Irreparable damage, face it
Everything is something we can't handle
In tandem with still being toddlers
Who need to be coddled
I'm honest I'm tryin to give up the bottle
But I'm lost behind these tails
They walking with a waddle
And when we finaly fail
I'll be here picking up pieces of cobble
I leave behind a slimy trail
In hopes that I'm not too hard to follow
I think that it's time we sail
Instead of being caught up in an office
We could get stuck in jail for makin any of our own profits
Stickin' my head through the rails
Screaming out false profit
At the cops who got me locked up in this pit!

[Mogli Da Foulchild]
No time to save face
When you're running in the rat race
Some Makeway, I make haste
No waste men to replace
I feel phased and dazed, confused
This fake shit keeps me amused
It's one thing in your presence
It's another when you're gone, and they jealous
Fellas, fellas: EAT A FAT DICK
I'd say I boned ya chick...
But that goat got a really good kick
You know who's sick?
The dudes whose style ya picked
Move ya mouse point it to "File: Quit"
The best decision in your life, so be proud of it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're all the shit
I'd rather work hard than be a counterfeit
Just to hear the sound of it
So keep the hustle in place
In case ya stumble ya pace and fall out of this rat race
Track Name: Caligari (ft. Enemy, Jay DaVille, Dirtnap & BK)
Yo! Call me special aka Enemy-Ed
Dirty grimy til I'm dead,
Pissin' in Eve's garden and bed
Solitary ain't working S
So the warden recommends 2 to the fuckin head
Fans get sent the bill
Delusion not real
Spreading the children who stand in front like field
You listening to raps Rasputin
Call me Vladimir Putin
Who? That hip hop Newton
Smash you with the horn you been tootin stupid
You listening to the one who make gravity snap back to reality
Bigger than idol
When I'm gone, burn me a bible
Rape all my rivals
I'm always fuckin' held liable

[Jay DaVille]
I'm writing lyrics that'll torture your soul
Reduce the foundation of your life to smoulder and mold HA!
Don't believe me? Then just lo and behold
Let the story unfold
You see I'm holding the globe
There's nowhere to roam
I'm everywhere controlling the globe
Anybody fuckin' with me is getting thrown in a hole
Inhale your spirit while I'm smokin' a bowl
I'm frozen I'm cold
I'm hopin' to just open ya throat!
With the sharpest linguistics that you can not imagine
You start to rap, I'll start to laugh and you're like "Dawg, what happened?"
I'm just relaxing and attackin' in the darkest fashion
I'll start stabbin' when I'm rappin'
So let's start the action
Maybe I'm going a little strong for you
I'm haunting you like poltergeist your soul does not belong to you
It's all for me so offer me your everything
It's all for free, exalting the exalted
He is everything you want to be

I'm an original Misfit, like Glen Danzig
With these lipid tryptichs for your brain canvas
If his spit is too cryptic go lick acid
If you only fillin' positions you can lift caskets
My prescription is missing when I'm kickin' masks in
Call it Dr. Caligari's Hell in a basket
I've got..Millions of pots to piss in and I'm just that sick
I'm killin' the opposition with just one click
Are they really gonna miss him, he's just one glitch
I'll spill the inner fillings like "THAT'S THAT SHIT!"
You sittin reading the captions
Adjusting your reading glasses
I fuck with the meaning of classic
A cup of the piss to the masses
As a toast to the speech of the fascists (Fuckin' fascists)

Wack rappers want it all but they should read the Tao Te Ching
Now they sing too loudly proudly coming at crowds with nothing to bring
Truth lies between the dichotomy of holy ties
Die coddling proseperous toddlers with swollen eyes
i ought to be resting between the breasts of mother fuck
Smother us completely so that we may pass on the buck
Daily life has become more than Orwellian
Poor plans devised by the wealthiest hellions
The healthiest fellowships always pump the bellows
Creeping out a freemason freaking out an oddfellow
Screaming fuck your emo fears while i'm scheming on some phoenix tears
Stabbing you in the FUPA with mean beats like Gene Krupa
But this ain't the drum battle and you ain't that Rich Buddy
Take your ass to school and you still couldn't be my understudy
I have nothing to rap about so i go knock back a stout
The only bars i'm concerned with are the ones that aren't kicking me out
I'll strong arm a strongbow and give the front of house a smack in the mouth
i'd rather be forever alone
i don't condone the clout

Yo the awesomest optimist
Burning nazis down in Auschwitz
Deep diggin' ya girl like a mango with an octopus
Sexual tentacle, you festive like a festival
Fussili Jerry bury you in deep shit like a vegetable
I'm front and centre while you play the wall like Pink Floyd
You got no character, your life is just a big void
I'll leave you destroyed, like the place you're employed
A social outcast no wonder I'm a big boy
I put the soy inside the soylent
You can say I'm voilent, I mean violent
Too many tyrants on my island
I should stay silent but it's hard in this environment
Where even the sellouts sell their CDs on consignment
I should retire, pump the breaks and call it quits
Go back to school before I'm swallowed by this dark abyss
But that would be a fuckin' copout I'm going Paul Walker on the highway with the top down!
Track Name: Virus
[Hook x2]
Every memory is like a virus
Stays dormant til the body expires
And every plus turns to minus
When you're burned alive in your own hell fires

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I envy my dead friends
They took easy exits
I'm still standing at the entrance
Planning my next steps
Who's more concerned with dead PMs and presidents
Seems like a last breath is heaven sent
One pocket's got a hole, the other seven cents
With reticence to return to that residence
But I can still see it when I sleep
Cat scratches at my feet
Making it hard to get up in the morning
And I can hardly eat
Pick a card any card which card can I keep?
I'm living large I mean odd and I'm suckin my teeth
I'm a boss I mean dog and I'm harnessed and leashed
He's my dog, nah, a fraud and I'm caught in his speech
It's no wonder to me
I can partly see why they all parted from me
But I'm aiming for something that's slightly harder to reach


[Verse 2]
Hell fire, a virus
Stylus to papyrus
Something to die for
Someone to die with
Depression, anxiety
Their best bet is that god or life is trying me
Well something's fucking trying me
I'm not for resale
CDs up for retail
Cuz we fail
Not DCC but our gene trail
Seeds wilt so be well
Or fiction will easily bail
No time to be frail
Spin tales of chemtrails
Conspiracy for the blind
The blind read braille
We've never been lied to
We just always eat well
It seems we tell ourselves to weave hell
Into our deep skull
It doesn't need skill
A pill helps
A widow whelps
We ring dinner bells for a virus
That eats us from the inside out

Track Name: No C.O.D.
Give me deliverance like my name was Jon Voight
Deliver me from ignorance I'm using my voice
Yeah, I do it different, my music, my choice
And it sure is magnificent so you can make noise
I'm killin' it solo, or with me an my boys
Cuz I refuse to give in to feelin' these voids
I'll never fall victim to some silly ploys
Fuck a penny for my thoughts, I turn my thoughts into coins

[Verse 1]
EYO! I'm rapping for bus change, I'm fuckin' strange
A 20 somethin' age with a tummy ache
Must have been something I ate
Cuz I'm buying my food for a bummy rate
And it seems that shit only gets fixed when it ups and breaks
I'm like "just fuckin' great, another one of these days"
But yo, that can't stop me from makin' money on tapes
Something's funny I'll say
Half rapper half comedian
Half shark half eaten then
In the tank I was seated in
But it looks like I'll be standing on different feet in the end
I don't beef in my raps, my pen is a vegan then
So...just shut up and start reading friend
You gonna need it when
You wanna see me defeated, man
It's gonna be a long hard road and I ain't fuckin' leavin it
Like a raider owns the wasteland I'll kill you with my CD in hand
My bad, I think I'm being greedy again
But like I said, I'm a shark
So it seems that I'm teething again


[Verse 2]
Can someone spare some change for a change?
Cuz nothing makes sense
So what's relevant?
Definitely not intelligence
They say they don't fuck with underground cats cuz we only go celibate
Get it?
We sell a bit.
I'll poach a pink elephant for the stinking hell of it
A week of television and I'm homicidal
Domestication from a domicile
Makes man more animal but at least he's gone out in style
In a silo of what gets him high though
So let's whistle while we work
And whittle bone gristle grinds on griddles
Stay still, the violins and fiddles
Whine away while we spill wine on pillows
Cuz through time and space the structures are oh so brittle
Oh no! Widows go to windows and yet we learn so little
And infant grows from riddles that never get solved
And we may never again evolve
So god who's gone please deliver us all


[Verse 3]
Deliver this from the shot to shit messenger
Innocent of ignorance
But in a word it's worth less than worthless
There's no order cuz there's no service
But bullshit will forever surface as a burden
And if you haven't heard from the worm, then
That's because he's been under dirt
Earning eats with words unearthed to be preserved in circuitry
And downgraded to mp3s
Like some empty feats
Outplayed, faded, outweighed, and dated
Like some bending trees
And it seems like it tends to be
More habit than ritual
Trying to inhabit this planet as individual
Or invisible
Give any given fool
Medicine and food
Let us in to duel
For some ridicule
Over miniscule
Guess I'm in the school
Of hard knocks or odd clocks
I need help, I'm not lost
I feel well, I'm on guard
I need wealth
At what cost?

Track Name: Crickets
I sicken like the quiet quickness
Of walking through fields of crickets
Alone in the darkness it thickens
Like flesh round knife, hit or misses

I sicken like the quiet quickness
Of walking through fields of crickets
I bless drowsy eyes like kisses from mystics
I'm some next round hype got that extra found life

[Verse 1]
I do this thankless work with a hankering for dirt
A whole tankards worth is what made up my birth
Like ashes to ashes, first works to burn
Like a dragon with a flagon, thirst worse than hunger
Do you see the pattern happen?
Third marks the turn
Third time's a charm
But it won't change the world
Third parts a crime, cuz they heard the word
Now I'm a criminal purged to observe the herd
And what's heard is a fraction of the action or what's referred
But I can't collapse the lagging so it's still concurred
Without being conferred
Minus the effort it takes to conjure a concert
So in the back of the synapses I lurk
On task with a Tascam I merc
On blast at the en masse with the scams you jerks
Conscribe with the concepts to burp
Out ya gullet
Eyo! Go party in your mullet


[Verse 2]
This is round two
This sounds due
Through space I do time as it unravels around you
Travels around me
Cows are ground food
Gavels they pound free
While tadpoles are abused
I'm a manic and loud dude
In the panic's profound truth
But who handles it it's argued
My grandma was proud it's true
But she didn't know me like you do
I'm glad she couldn't be shown proof of who and how I am viewed
And so it's thanks to these facts that she found a sound snooze
And it's good she never got to see the monster in me who compound you
As I'm allowed to speak allowed in breeze
Flounders drown as guppies
And yuppies who don't know their ass from the roof
Or sky from the ground's roots
And I travel with these thoughts for food to brood
You decipher the meaning of my words as tools in groups of few or feuds
I'll be around bound in brown boots

Track Name: Maybe...
[Verse 1]
I'm adorably deplorable
You've been cordially implored to tour and explore the contourous tornado of my sonorous core
Which may make me immortal and the thought of which is more horrible than I'm incorrigible
And just when i think my hard drive storage is full
I got more bullets of bullshit to pull
From the magnum of my opus
And who's more of the fool?
Myself, with the idea I got a handle of my locus
Or you? With the most broken of focus
You couldn't unravel one thread from where my pen laid the notes which
Lead to no fear
Oh dear, I gotta find if the opening's near here
Where the trees meet the road and the smoke clears
Holding my throat while holding in tears
In hopes myself knows I don't want to destroy my self before i get there.

But maybe I do...
Maybe I don't...
Maybe I will...
Maybe I won't...

[Verse 2]
I've seen death
I've been led
To weep less
While sleepless
I believe stress
Cuz much less is meaningless
And this meeting is adjourned
I've been scorned, burned, wounded and heard
By the herd of dogs and birds to be returned to buckets of slop
We learn slacking off saying "Fuck it" a lot
I've been stabbed in the back, tears in a bucket a lot
And I almost kicked it up and out the atmosphere
But I was like, "Not before I kick the dust out the rut that I'm stuck in"
So that's what up then
Holy fuck man! I can't feel my face!
I can't heal my race!
But i can fuckin
I'll fuckin'!
SHIT! I think I'm losing it
They gave me prescription drugs but I was abusing them
And I didn't want to get stuck in a hospital room again
Make a tomb my den
Or any other despicable end

But maybe I do...
Maybe I don't...
Maybe I will...
Maybe I won't.
Track Name: Therapy (ft. Mille Rosado)
[Verse 1]
When I throw in the towel they'll all bask in my smell and glory
So you wanna know my story, filled with horrors covered in gory allegory?
This is what's up doc
No carrots to munch on
Nah, I never cared much for the tariffs they put on rocks
I need to make a living or get busy dying
Every night I'm awake lying with visions of my demise behind my eyes
And it doesn't worry me a bit
As a kid I was hurried into sick beds, put on meds, I was too intense
Or that's what they said
There was something wrong with me that was ingrained like inbreds
So of course I burn twisted incense, increase my sixth sense
And peruse through a lucid sentence
I guess you could say it's my muse from symptoms
I choose my victims by whether or not I love them
Then I kill them in public, no bloodshed, enough said
What's done is done and you can't reverse shit.

[Verse 2]
Back in the days of my Jackass tapes
I busted my head a couple of times
I might have punched some kids in the face
It sucks that me and most of my friends had to part ways
(Tell me about your friend Dave)
Oh Dave? Well dave was the smartest dude i knew in highschool til he started the yays
It was after the shrooms, when we would party for days
I failed a class or two, and at my age it couldn't have been hard to get laid
So I stayed.
He moved. I only saw him on holidays
But now he's changed
Some nights he would call me enraged, trying to explain in waves how he felt fucked and the world was made of fakes
And when summer came, those were the last days of Dave.
At the base, we did some lines though I knew we'd catch hate crossing those lanes
When everybody bounced, the things he was saying were like things that I was thinking.
I was like "Calm down dude, you gotta quit drinking"
Sinking into thought he didn't stop and he started screaming a lot
He wrote a letter and he bounced
Dammit! The letter was found by backstabbers on the couch while I was passed out and they read it aloud
And that day we found out that we lost him.
And I know that when i lose a close friend I lose a part of myself.
Track Name: Do Time (Interlude)
(Can you hear the dissonance? I feel like I was meant to be something different than this, more than this. But maybe I wasn't meant to be you, maybe I wasn't mean to be me)
Track Name: Kick Rocks: A Sonata (ft. Poetic Justiz)
[Verse 1 - Chris Robinson]
If I died tonight I would be happy with my character
Humble as Canada and as strong as America on steroids
Lately I been trying to control my roid rage
Marijuana helps, 23 this is my stoned age
Calm as the eyes of a stone cold killa
Ya girl came around and I browse'r like Mozilla
But I already got a girl with an ass that's fatter
And I leave that shit with bruises like the rings around Saturn
Losers quit talking cuz ya losers don't matter
You should keep walking before ya brain lose data
Our lyrical content make ya brainwaves shatter
No need to sweep it up cuz that shit don't matter
Burst out the stratosphere, Rush in like Vladimir
You try and hold us back, kick rocks, get out of here
You don't wanna get out of here? We'll smack you out of here
Eat you, take ex-lax, then crap you out of here...BITCH!

You smokin' rocks while we got you kickin' rocks bitch! (x3)
Get lost kid...get lost

[Paul Thompson]
Oh so you lost and now you ended up in my hood?
Only way that we can set you free is if you rap good
Never found a man I couldn't beat, no one eats my food
Seared ragu, no tofu, I cook good
I came through, it's so true that you're shook
I been robbin' rappers, their egos is all that I took
Man said they would never be snitchin' until they got booked
I will rap their bodies in stiches if I get one look
All of them are actively fishy, they're pawns they're not rooks
The way that I will take 'em all out will make a good book
You think that you're better than who? Good luck!
Cuz you been smokin' rocks with your crew...go cook
I can make a vid with you too: straight snuff
I swear I know all the shit that I do is fucked up
Cuz everytime I do what I do, I'm fucked up
I even ran some trains with my crew...that's fucked up!
I swear even the dreams I'm pursuing are fucked up!
And if you think you can do what I'm doing you're fucked up!


[Verse 3 - bookworm.]
Ya'll already kickin' and smokin' rocks
We got you kickin' and smokin' boulders til your toes and ya throat hurt
You order hors d'ouvres, I order more dirt
Diving in soul first, you border horders
Sores hurt formed from mortars thrown at foreigners
In different corners
Fist full of quarters
The man with less of a name
Not stressin' no fame, still stressin' the same
Blessed with a brain to be tested with pain
Lessons that came, and those that went.
Sweatin' to gain and clothes get wet
Then I step in the frame, and the rope gets stretched
Left to be blamed for the hope that's dead
While reppin' no shame to cope with it
Cuz I never did, and don't give a shit!
So leave me the fuck alone, there's some rocks you can go kick
Til ya foot's broken, ya eyes don't focus
Dope headed, bogus
When we done with you...them rocks you'll be smokin!!!

Track Name: Sensory Overload (Common Cold)
My world's like: "Woah! Sensory overload"
My flow is like: "Yo! Don't get caught in the undertow"
My brain is like: "Did you know there's a hole in the Ozone though?"
My friends are like: "Yeah, but that's just part of the show!"
I'm like: "But nobody knows"
They're like: "Nobody cares"
I'm like: "Is nobody home?"
They're like: "Nope, nobody's there"

Let me get a tall drink of something anything
PLEASE! Water, vodka
Leave altered, shocked, hot
Sweating, heavy breathing
Left and wheezing
Right and freezing
By bejeezus
Kinda teasing the idea of heaving before heading to heaven
Or through space
And false colours represent true taste
Move ways to improve traits
Do time, due haste
My rhyming caste
I've been laced
Find your place or get the fuck out my face human waste

I'd like to think that everybody is a robot
But I dunno if they are and I dunno if they're not
And if they are how do I know I'm not like Deckard
Or something like Descartes, "I think therefore I art"
I blink therefore I'm not
I sink to forward thought
And backwards regulations that hurt metastasis
Displaced faces in a houseful of vases
While I'm drinking Red Bull with a head full of bile
A dead honest smile
I can't lie or I haven't for a while
But my hair is still growing
The chair is still broken
So can I identify it? Or does it defy my idea?
My bologna, my ikea
My middle name in middle earth
Little fame, little perks
Silly game, plenty work
Pity pains, penny worth
Mitigate hidden mirth
Sit on planes in the birth canal
And I was heard in the world foul
Like the homie Mogli and how many told me I was supposed to drown?
Ain't that profound?
(Ain't it)

So check the Blooper reel
How does it feel?
I got a headache in my tongue, go club a seal
I'm from the North Side the ice cream, while I scream
At Everybody (Everybody) sinning
Cuz there's No Winning
While the sky is rising, Au Leve Du Ciel
Meeting our demise when all the eyes went
To focus on the Rat Race
Slap you in the wack face, you fuckin Sleaze Beeping
While we Caligari creepin'
I'm a Virus when it seeps in
Crickets are creekin'
And there's a leak in my word distillery
No C.O.Ds but don't pity please
This my Therapy
Til the whole world Kicks Rocks to my Sonata
Yada Yada, something odder'll leave you shivering in the Cold
It's time to cure the Common ailments of Sensory Overload